Jakarta-wapresri.go.id Vice President Jusuf Kalla received the board members of Bung Hatta Foundation led by its chairman Prof. Dr. Maizar Rahman at the Office of the Vice President on Jalan Merdeka Utara, Jakarta, Monday (April 3).

In the meeting, Maizar told the Vice President the foundation’s plan to build the Hatta Memorial Heritage which aims to explore and preserve the national values of Bung Hatta (the nickname for the first Indonesian Vice President, Mohammad Hatta) and other heroic figures. The building, he said, is planned to be built in the area of ​​Bung Hatta Palace in Bukittingi, West Sumatra province, the birthplace of Bung Hatta.

“We are going to build a museum, a library, a meeting hall, and a mini theater there so that students and younger generation can grasp the spirit of the nation’s leaders,” said Maizar.

He further said, in addition to the construction of these facilities, Bung Hatta Palace which has now become a tourist attraction with a lot of visitors will also be renovated, especially in the parking area that will be expanded.

Besides, Maizar said, there will also be programs such as discussions, seminars, and radio streaming in support of the spreading of Bung Hatta’s thoughts especially for young people.

Responding to the plan, the Vice President considered that the development the Hatta Memorial Heritage is something that is reasonable as a form of appreciation for the services of Bung Hatta to the country.

Related to the construction of the library, the Vice President asked it to be built in Jakarta in order to provide wider benefits for society.

“In my opinion, the library should be built here [in Jakarta], so that more people can read Bung Hatta’s book collection, while the heritage can remain there [in Bukittinggi],” he said.

Bung Hatta, said the Vice President, is a nation’s pride, not only to Minang people, but also to all Indonesians. Bung Hatta, he added, is a figure whose thoughts have inspired the people of Indonesia.

“What we need from Bung Hatta is his thinking that continues to resonate not only among young people but also among statesmen and politicians,” said the Vice President.

At the end of the meeting, the Vice President advised that the development concept of the Hatta Memorial Heritage should involve experts in history, not only of Minang people, but also of national experts.

The board members of Bung Hatta Foundation present with Maizar Rahman in the meeting were Firman Rasyid, Ezrinal Aziz, Winta Sumarsono, and Dermawan Sjarial builder.

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